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Q. What is skimming?

A. Skimming is the final coat plaster, 2-3 mm thick. If you have plaster on the walls or ceiling already and just need them re-plastered for that smooth look, they will need to be skimmed.

Q. I have an Artex ceiling, can this be covered and made smooth?

A. Yes. Artex can easily be covered by skimming over it. It will usually need to be scraped back slightly prior to applying PVA and then plaster. This is to make the ceiling as flat as possible so that a first class finish can be obtained.

If it is a very heavy artex, the ceiling may need to be boarded over prior to plastering, but this is quite rare.

Q. Will there be asbestos in my artexed ceiling?

A. Asbestos used to be in artex up until the early 80's. Not every ceiling will have it in but you may want to get it checked by an expert if you have an artexed ceiling that was put up in this period.

Q. Does the room need to be clear that you will be working in?


A. Yes, if possible. Obviously we know this can be quite difficult when you are living in the property. If the room can be cleared as much as possible this makes it a lot easier for us to cover the floor.

Q. Will there be a mess everywhere, ive heard plastering is a very messy job?

A. The short answer is no. Obviously the room to be worked in will be sheeted to protect the floors. The room will be as clean when we leave as when we arrive.

Q. Do you come out and give free no obligation quotations?


A. Yes of course.

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